Another Cockaboose Is For Sale…for $395,000

I called a Cockaboose owner today. He verified that his Cockaboose is for sale for $395,000. I forgot the number, but it is on the Bluff Rd. side of the stadium. This is on the opposite side of the garnet/black train from ‘boose #4, which has been listed for a while at $309,000.

I will keep everyone informed of the sales status of these two properties. If either one of these Seller’s get their asking prices (you never know!), there may be a fundamental shift in Cockaboose sales.

I’ll also find out if the new one for sale comes with a parking spot. Cockaboose #4 does not.

Very interesting, but either way…Go Cocks!


  1. Hey Franklin, I am appraising a Cockaboose and when I googled “Cockaboose for sale” your blog came up!! Do you know if either of these ever sold? The most recent sale I have found is from Jan 07 for $265,000. This does not make my job very easy!

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