Amy, Ashleigh, and Margaret; Thank You!

What began as a small Facebook post among friends, has turned into an overflow of support from our Columbia, SC, community. As you can see, the result is the largest U-Haul truck we could rent filled to the brim with much needed goods and supplies. Pretty awesome!!

What you can’t see in the pic above is the overflow of donations yet to be organized and/or packed. Around 6PM Thursday night, five or six people were inside the Turning Pointe building sorting and organizing. While all this was going on, John Adams was calling around for an additional U-Haul trailer to put it all in.

While John Adams and Charles Pulliam spearheaded the project, a few other individuals very much need to be recognized for all they’ve done.  Amy Ackerman Cartin, Ashleigh McAlister, and Margaret Hane Murphy put in a stellar effort to make this all happen. These volunteers were at the truck for hours on end, welcoming, sorting, and organizing everything that was dropped off. Without these three ladies, the pic above would most certainly look more like a junk pile spilling out into the parking lot.

Thanks to everyone involved! This project is an example of a good idea that was ignited by a few and combusted by a community. Well done, Columbia, SC!

Interesting Side Note:  the truck in the pic above chugs nine miles per gallon, and they’re about to hook a full trailer to the back.  Yikes!!

Gas mileage and whatnot aside, John and Charles are taking off to New York/New Jersey early Friday morning.  Hopefully they’ll have safe travels, and take a lot of pics during their long ride.

NY/NJ, Columbia, SC is on the way!

Thank you!



  1. Awesome, Awesome Job!! Proud to say I know you guys! Way to go Team Franklin!!

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