Amanda Posts a “BOLD 100” @LaborDay.

AmandaFAcardWhile most of us were driving back from the beach, wading in a pool, or relaxing around a grill somewhere, Amanda decided to hustle this holiday Monday.

I’ll blog about the series of classes we’re taking a little later (it’s 3:35AM right now), but Amanda performed what we call a “BOLD 100” today. She and best bud Emily texted me the pic above Monday afternoon… not knowing it would hit the blog a few hours later. 🙂

Some folks laugh, shake their heads, and/or carry on about the grind and hustle of our jobs. While the texts Amanda and Emily sent today were fun and funny, they were actually quite awesome and very telling. What Amanda did today is what folks in sales know as “crushing it,” or “the difference.”

So proud to call her my teammate.

Franklin Jones


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