Amanda & Me Cooking On TV. Not Good!!!

TVShowA few days ago I woke up to a buzzing iPhone with a text from Amanda which read, “Ok what do you have at 11???? Want to go on a cooking show with me? They need a guy and girl to be a team in a cooking contest…” Not knowing a thing about what she was talking about, I took a few seconds to open my eyes the best I could and texted back, “Sure, I’m always up for some F|A fun.”

As the morning rolled along Amanda eventually learned what “Man Made Gourmet” actually meant, and slowly disclosed to me that the show was really about men cooking solo while the women judged. What seemed like a fun event at 7:30AM for both of us, quickly became a recipe of embarrassment for me. UGH…

Being a good sport and teammate I stayed the course and went along with it. We showed up at “Let’s Cook” Culinary Studio on Assembly Street at 11.

Given my cooking skills it was a huge relief to learn that we were making pizzas (with an egg in the middle). I played the game and got through it the best I knew how, and even took a competitive liberty and in the heat of the battle ended up ruining one of my favorite suits. Oh well, anything for the team. I’ll post more after we see the show, or you can see it Sunday at noon on WACH FOX.

I have no idea how the show will shake out but hopefully they’re kind with their editing and don’t make a fool out of me.

The morning of the shoot I wanted to pop Amanda’s head off for putting me on the spot like that(unintentionally she claims, but I’m starting to wonder). This all said, even if they embarrass me a little it was an overall good time. I’ll post about it again after we see Sunday’s finished product.

Thank you!


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