All Politics Is Local. Maybe Too Much

Since we had perhaps one of the Top 5 busiest days of my career (will blog about that later), followed by a fundraiser, followed by a fun birthday party, I’m going to take a liberty and post another blogger’s thoughts tonight.

On one of his blogs, my friend, Wesley Donehue, lets out a few thoughts about today’s political arena.   While I wouldn’t have said it JUST like he did, I get what he’s saying.

When you get to his point about traveling, I’m all for it.   While I’m not particularly well traveled, I have been around our state many times over.  To expand or even localize Wesley’s thoughts, I think legislators would be well served if they’d travel to counties outside of their political comfort zone.

Now..I’m not talking about an Anderson or Greenville politician just getting gas and a pack of Nip-Chee’s in Kingstree on the way to Litchfield/Pawleys, or Colleton on their way to Savannah.  I’m saying they need to turn left off of a state highway, turn right, cruise two miles, turn right again, go one mile, right again, and then left.  After that, if they aren’t in a swamp, knock on the door of the first home they see, mansion or shack, and introduce themselves and chat.  

The Williamsburg and Colleton legislators should do the same thing.   I think anyone that took the time to do this would be stunned, and grow a little as a politician, leader, and person.

After all, our lawmakers live in the same state, but in different worlds.

Anyway, take a gander at Wesley’s post.  It’s a good, quick read, and you’ll get what he’s saying.  FJ

Day 288 It has been a few weeks since I’ve written. Instead I’ve kept you updated through videos which I will continue to do as we move deeper into the campaign season.

This week has been a real emotional roller-coaster. It is now noon on Friday and since 3 pm yesterday I have found it nearly impossible to do anything. Scattered is the only way to describe my brain today.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, which is always tough. I think about my mother often but I try not to. Those efforts are meaningless on Mother’s Day, especially now that social media is dominating our lives.

The week suddenly took a turn when the Pub Politics Jake Knotts “raghead” video was leaked to the media. Things became even stranger when my friend Phil Bailey made some off-color remarks about Governor Nikki Haley.

I have to tell you with all honesty that I am sick and tired of palmetto state politics. Just this year our company was named one of the top political tribes in South Carolina and things could not be going any better. But the hits keep coming. A shining star is always a target. Controversy surrounds our industry and petty people shoot arrows at every opportunity.

I should not criticize. I’ve been one of those petty people. I’ve shot my share of arrows. Perhaps its just, as they say, what goes around comes around.

If I sound depressed today, trust me when I say that I am not. I’m just scared. I’ve come to realize just how small-minded so many people are. Many of those people lead our state. Many more lead our nation. And that scares the shit out of me.

Instead of leading, so many want to stir up trouble. Instead of debating ideas, so many close their ears. Instead of solving problems, so many become the problems.

Earlier this week the South Carolina Policy Council attacked a few State Senators for taking an all-expenses paid trip to Turkey. In the past I would have sided with the Policy Council. But my thinking has changed because I see that too many of our leaders have never seen anything else.

How can our leaders argue for the best policies when they’ve never seen anything beyond their own close-minded bubble?

I’m not saying that our leaders need to all travel abroad. I’m saying that they need to travel anywhere at all. I am saying that they need to burst the mental bubbles in which they live and realize that the world isn’t always black and white.

Wesley Donehue

PS – Yo Democrats, before you start attacking me for bashing our South Carolina leaders, all of which are Republicans, please know that I’m talking about leaders in terms of all elected officials.

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