Advertising in the Newspaper; It works for me…sort of.

Many Sellers demand that their homes are in the dominant area newspaper. At the same time, many don’t care. The latter group trusts their REALTOR to know what’s best regarding the sale of their home. Neither group is wrong.

After spending thousands of dollars in the newspaper, I can’t remember the last home I’ve sold from an ad, if any. I know that there are some exceptions, but for the most part, the bang for the buck is not here.

In my experience, homes in this market are sold by utilizing the internet combined with the local network of REALTORS. These days, most Buyers (local or out of town) look for homes on the internet. Keep in mind that REALTORS usually know about the listings a few days before the public. This is because there is usually a few days of lag time between a listing agreement date and when any particular site picks it up.

Personally, I try to satisfy my Sellers marketing wishes regarding newspaper ads. It will very rarely sell their house.

What does it do? Two things. 1) Markets my business. When eyes across the midlands see Franklin Jones 5 or 15 (or whatever) times a week, 52 weeks a year, it is a good thing for my Team. 2) If an ad does procure a call, it gives me the opportunity to turn that caller into a Buyer for my Team. Of course, I’m never pushy (not my style). I simply offer to share other listings with them. After all, they are looking for real estate…and what sort of REALTOR would I be if I didn’t ask?

Do you look for property on the internet, or the newspaper? I may learn something here…


  1. Anonymous says

    I look constantly on the net. This way I can see the house prior to engaging a realtor, it at least gives me an idea.

  2. Anonymous,

    I find that my Buyers are always on the net too, as am I. In my experience, the classifieds are a nice avenue for lower priced homes and/or investment searches.

    Which sites do you prefer?

  3. Anonymous says

    Are you single ??? Gerrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  4. Anonymous says

    usually use the realtor sites, CB United, Russell and Jeffcoat, Bolin Liggon etc. Unless it has multi photos, I skip it

  5. Franklin,
    Just wanted to tell you that we have put our home on Exmoor on the market.
    By owner, but we will work with realtors….nice ones like yourself.
    We are selling so we can go rving full time.
    Let us know if you have anyone that you would like to show it to.
    Take a look, it’s on Craig’s list.
    Have a great day!
    Linda and Mike O’Connor

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