A Quick Trip To Anderson/Greenville, SC

On Sunday Jennifer, Finley, and I found ourselves in the Upstate section of South Carolina. Since I didn’t have an Open House and/or nothing else was on the schedule, we decided to pack the minivan and visit Finley’s Anderson set of Nana & Papa….and MIMI! Good times!!!

After a good vist at Mimi’s on Whitehall Road we ended up in Greenville at Rick Erwin’s-Nantucket Grille. The photo above is of a surprise ice skating rink, which is nestled in the courtyard of the restaurant/hotel (Marriott). I have to admit, the active rink added a lot to the already stellar venue of ‘Rick Erwin’s.’ Finley was mesmerized.

In all it was a fun trip to my hometown of Anderson, SC, and a good idea to stop off and see what’s going on in downtown Greenville, SC. I’d only been to Nantucket Grille once before (USC vs Clemson game two years ago), and this trip was just as impressive as the first.

Ready for Monday in Columbia!


Side Note: While the food and venue were 1st class at Nantucket, the service was even better! Just wanted to put that out there in case anyone from Greenville stumbles upon the blog.

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