A Most Awful Press Conference

Sanford & Staff Not Prepared… Make Things Worse
The very first sentences of this debacle had everyone shaking their heads. Governor Sanford began his explanation to the world with ramblings about the Appalachian Trail and having $100 in his pocket as a kid. What???

While all of this is going on we’re all watching the sideshow of the teenage girls giggling and texting in the immediate background. While the world was watching a head of state explain away his personal destruction, we found ourselves shaking our heads at giggling and smiles the whole time.
Later during all of this Sanford rambles on about philosophies and other deep thoughts that made us all want to say “STOP!”
Then the press started asking questions. Oooof. They wanted hard facts about when, where and if he told the staff certain things. Sanford desperately wanted to keep talking about his deep thoughts. He wanted it to be ‘his moment’ and on his terms. It looked as though in his mind, that he was finally speaking out and everyone should listen. He had no chance. The press went after him hard for a few seconds when Sanford finally walked away from the podium. It was awful.
Sanford now has 2 terrible problems to deal with (not including his family). The lying and traveling on the taxpayer dime is going to be a terrible thing for him endure. On a far more personal level, the email exchange with “Maria” is going to embarrass him to pieces. If you’ve seen any of the exchange, it makes it sound like he wrote a book with a windblown Fabio on the cover.
Hang on South Carolina. We’re on the front page and the tube until something bigger or juicier comes along. I expect SNL to do a reenactment of today’s embarrassment.


  1. Why wait for SNL? Stewart and Colbert have already been having a field day…

    Worst press conference ever, indeed.

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