A Few Beach Days. #SpringBreak

FinleyBeachGeorgesSome of you may have noticed from my wife’s Facebook page that we’ve skipped town for a few days. A few weeks ago we decided to take advantage of Finley’s Spring Break and head to the beach. Well, for the first time in what seems to be a long while, we made it to Litchfield. It’s a little on the colder side for a beach trip, but we don’t care. We’re having a big time with Columbia friends indoors and out.

Where are the twins, you ask? Thanks to our parents tag teaming twin duty, they’re holding down the house in Columbia. They aren’t ready for the beach yet. Still too many dipes to deal with and too many creases for sand to get stuck in. Even further, it’s not often Finley gets alone time with her parents anymore, so this is good quality time for her. Maybe next year for Ivey and Nor’bomb.

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Jen, Finley and I will be back in Columbia Friday afternoon.

Thank you!!


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