My ‘Surprise’ Birthday Bash!

A cool perk of having a birthday the day before a National Holiday in the summer is that pretty much everyone around can do a lot of stuff they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Translation: No one has anywhere to be the next day, including the kids. Translation: Everyone can stay up late.

Some days ago Jennifer texted some neighborhood friends our girls wanted to have cupcakes with/for their daddy at the pool. At the last minute, Mother Nature decided this wasn’t a good idea. That said, the cupcake brigade and good times moved to our house where a bunch of friends had fun and laughed a ton.

All the kids loved the cupcake party, and because it was raining, went down right beeezzerk making slime on our covered front porch.

Junked up and crusty front porch? Whoooo….Cares….is the theme I’m all about! I’m 44, have a beautiful and loving wife, three daughters I adore, and the best friends in the world. Blessed, slime and all.

In case you’re wondering about the necklace and bracelet in any pics you’ve seen, you’re correct if you assumed they were made and given to me by my girls. As I explained way into the night to anyone that asked the question, “What’s that about?”

Answer; “They make it. I wear it.”

It was an awesome, completely impromptu birthday party that went super late.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones


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