$75,000 Missed? We’ll Get the Next One.

We were trolling (previewing houses) in Shandon today when we got a call. The caller told us that their co-worker just put a contract on a multi-million dollar house in another state. Yes, MULTI-MILLION!

The real estate industry is full of opportunities, and referrals are a big part of it. For kicks and giggles, let’s do some easy math.

10 million x 3% = $300,000. More often than not, a “referral fee” is 25-35%. So, $300,000 x 25% = $75,000. Yes, one telephone call could have been worth $75,000 for TEAM FRANKLIN.

Now, recognize that this is a VERY extreme case (who knows, this could have been dang Shaq’s 5th house or something), but the same premise exists. Send us your referrals!

This is why I’m determined to stay ahead of the curve and cast such a wide net. My success is completely determined by my friends (local, statewide and nationally) and who “we know.”

Lesson of the “Post” is, send the leads and referrals early and often. If you know of anyone moving to or buying in Columbia, or ANYWHERE for that matter, please give them my number or email. The referral may be worth 100 dollars, or in this case, $75,000 BUX.

Thank you for your support, and keep them coming!!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous says

    Franklin is a good hand holding realtor, especially for someone who has never bought a house before. I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t helped me through my first one. I would recommend him.

  2. Anonymous says

    Who is your team and can you reveal them to wondering minds??? I am sure that they are fantastic especially helping you keep that casting net full!

  3. Anonymous says

    Fellow realtor here! I agree, it is so hard for people to remember that referrals can be such a huge part of our business. I do most of my business from referrals but sometimes clients don’t understand that we can help WORLDWIDE!! Thanks for spreading the word!!

  4. That is true. And I know there are probably more than a few times when he wanted to strangle me. 🙂

  5. anonymous,

    You are too kind! I’ll be we had a lot of fun. Lemme know when you want to do it again. 🙂

    How is the house coming?

    Are you a “pre-Avalanche” or “post-Avalanche” client? These days, clients don’t get to enjoy running over curbs as much early buyers did. I miss my truck!

  6. anonymous,

    Of course!

    At the moment, the Franklin Jones Real|Team consists of Amy Ackerman Cartin and Caroline Milliken.

    Amy acts as the Team Manager. She is the tech specialist, listing manager, buyers agent, and is also a client service champ, among other things. She holds the office together.

    Caroline acts as a Buyer’s Representative. She works incoming inquiries that I cannot get to. She is good at turning sign calls into buyers for the team.

    We all get along great together and have great fun. I love going to work (almost) everyday.

    We are constantly in growth mode, and will probably add another Buyer’s Agent or two very soon.

    Are you interested?

  7. Fellow Realtor anonymous,

    It is a big deal in the industry. Much more money could stay local if we could get the word out!

    I problaby have 8 or 9 closings this month. Out of these, I think I may be paying 5 out of state referral fees.

    Fellow Realtor, do me a favor! Go to MLS and look up Franklin Jones, pick a listing and bring us an offer!! Sell, sell, sell! 🙂

  8. mtc,

    No strangle thoughts! I’ll bet we had a good time driving around Cola.

    Did we go around in the Avalanche, the car, or did we meet at different houses?

    How is the house?!

  9. Anonymous says

    Why’d you change your post? was the math calculated incorrectly?

  10. anonymous,

    The numbers were not incorrect. I needed to change them because the source of the potential referral was uncomfy with the post. We changed it in respect of the situation. I feel like the numbers are so large, that the same premise exists, so no harm is done by changing the math a tinch.

    Thanks for recognizing the change!

  11. is amy ackerman orginally from Michigan? I went to high school with a girl named Amy Ackerman…just curious

  12. anonymous (from Michigan),

    I don’t think Amy grew up in Michigan. I believe her entire childhood was spent in Irmo, SC, which is a growing town outside of Columbia, SC. I’ll ask her though. She will probably throw a comment out with an answer herself…

  13. Franklin you are correct! Was born at Lexington Hospital here in Columbia and grew up in Irmo. Who knows… apparently Amy Ackerman is a pretty common name!

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