Well, many people in the marketing business say that, “any P.R. is good P.R.” In this instance, it looks like I need to subscribe to this school of thought. It seems as though state house “bad boy” has chosen to have a little bit of fun with us this Christmas season.


FITSNews – December 21, 2007 – If you’ve never visited the action-packed, “thrill-a-minute” website that is Franklin Jones “Real Team”, what the hell are you waiting for, people?
Sure, you might assume that a blog devoted exclusively to the Coldwell-Banker share of the Columbia, S.C. real estate market would be boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from his drop-dead gorgeous looks, there’s just something about this guy’s gripping prose and exquisitely-crafted witticisms that keep us coming back for more. Like when he refers to homes on the outskirts of Columbia’s lily-white neighborhoods as “border junk,” for example. Ahh … the poetry.

In addition to his probing social commentary, the site also features plenty of red-eyed red hot pictures of Franklin, who as far as we can tell is the closest thing to James Bond you’re going to find in South Carolina … assuming he learns how to tie a bowtie, anyway.

Plus – as much as we hate to admit it – his recap of this year’s Talbot’s fashion show was a helluva lot better than our hackneyed write-up, especially the part where he tells the Junior League girls, “In my bias, you are the best philanthopic organization in the midlands.”
Well “in our bias,” Franklin, you are a damn sexy beast … and we’re sure your brilliant marketing ploys will help you navigate the housing market downturn just fine.


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