Memorial Day: Thankfully & Respectfully.

KennedyPoolIf we communicated sometime during this long weekend it would have been between primetime neighborhood/Jones family pool hours. After all, Jennifer and I had to maximize ‘twin-time’ at the kiddie pool, and make sure Finley had a big weekend with her friends, too.

I’m not sure why Jennifer decided to take a pic today, but it’s a fun snapshot of what has become my new normal. The girl in the air is my good buddy and secret weapon/twins babysitter, Kennedy George. Along with fellow Brennen Bulldog, Landon Denemark, I feel like I’ve thrown the pair up 1,000 times this weekend. Jennifer put this pic up on Facebook with a caption about ‘sore shoulders.’ What no one knows (other than Sarah Meacham) is that my feet are bleeding from the rough pool floor.

Why am I able to type such a tale, or have such a weekend? It’s Memorial Day, that’s why; The Federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.

Typing any sort of thanks or gratitude on this blog feels small and stupid. That said, I had a good time and laughed a lot with my friends and family, because of thousands of men and women I’ll never know.

I’m so proud and thankful, but not worthy of even typing initials. Let’s just go higher next weekend, Kennedy and Landon.

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