$60 Bux!? Location, location, location

Clemson Capitalists Lure Convenience Seekers (Us)
With stops in Laurens, Anderson, Greenville and Pickens counties, we were all over the Upstate this weekend. Of course, Saturday we found ourselves in the middle of Clemson University for the game.

As we were cruising for a parking spot, we found this little shopping bag right beside Tiger Park. Even though the price tag shocked me enough to snap the pic above, it took us about 15 seconds to realize that this was the parking lot for us. Breaking it down, it ended up being about $4.00/person/hour. Seeing as how we’re about convenience anyway, this was well worth the coin. The bag was a shocker though..

As we made our way to The Esso Club we stopped in Tiger Park. For me, it was like a time warp. It was like I was in my unofficial 19 year high school reunion (TL Hanna ’91). I couldn’t believe the old friends I kept running into. I’d love to be able to thank them for being so welcoming to their tailgate spot.

The game itself was full of punts and two sputtering offenses. As I haven’t been to Clemson since the “brawl game,” I’d forgotten how steep Clemson’s upper deck is. Up high, the temp seemed to drop BIG TIME throughout the night.

We had a great time in the Upstate (I’ll type about staying in Greenville in another post). The only negative may be the traffic debacle getting out of Clemson. Holy cow, I couldn’t believe how long it took to drift a few feet.

Congrats to the Gamecocks for bringing in a “W”, and thanks to my Clemson friends for being so hospitable. It was great seeing everyone and I’m anxious to get back for another visit.

It’ll be interesting to see if this same parking spot will be $100. in a couple of years.

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