I certainly have a wide range of politically passionate friends. Below are some of the negative “Status Updates” on my Facebook page. To say the least, it got sort of awful…

“I’m moving to Germany.”

“I can’t wait till tomorrow. I’m quitting my job, sitting on my ass and having 3 kids…cause socialism has come!”

“Welcome to the new Europe.”

“I pray for our nation, our troops and the state of Israel.”

“is moving ASAP. This is bull. shit.”

“can’t wait! free everything. I don’t ever have to work again!”

“now it’s time to start praying.”

“just threw up in my mouth as NBC calls it for Obama.”

“can’t wait to quit my job, default on my mortgage…ah…easy street I come!”

Good grief!!!

I know that many of my friends can’t stand Sen. Obama. This is VERY evident. Having said this, I think it may be at very least, time to give the guy a chance.

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