54 Foot Point Closes w/ Some Fun.

footpointsoldIf you’ve ever bought or sold a house (or have ever been a Realtor), part of the process is the removal of the “For Sale” sign after a closing. After the actual closing occurs, the seller doesn’t care and the buyer is usually nonchalant about it, but the longer the sign sits in the front yard, the more they wonder, “Is dude gonna get his sign?” (Of course the listing Realtor would like to keep it up in perpetuity.)

Friday one of my best clients finally closed on their home. If y0u know the house or follow this blog, the house was under contract three times during sales process.

Usually my oldest daughter, Finley, and I go around and place, remove, and straighten signs around the neighborhood, accordingly. The trip to Foot Point was a little more fun. Late this afternoon she jetted out of the cart and made her way to the sign that was leaning against the front stoop. Well, in a flurry, every kid I had at the time jumped off the cart and ran to help Finley get the sign. They yelled, “I wanna take a picture!” Here we are.  (Click the pic above for a better image. It’s pretty cute.)

Congratulations to the buyers and sellers of this cool house. I know the sellers loved living at 54 Foot Point and the buyers will enjoy it just as much. I hope the new owners don’t think a bunch of random kids raided their yard today with Taylor Swift blaring from a speaker on the street.

Good Fun!!

Franklin Jones

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