5 Points; Welcome to 2008..

Is the Kenny’s Garage Tower Project Good for Columbia?

In case you missed it, the picture above is an architectural rendering of what will be built on the former Kenny’s Garage site. Is this is a good thing for 5 Points? Hmmmm….

On the surface, I think it will be a positive addition. I know that some folks may think that it doesn’t “fit” with the 5 Points theme of local shops and bars. It will certainly “stick out” among the one and two story structures that make up our beloved signature USC playground. With all of this in mind, I think that the project is an overall gain.

If someone can think of a better idea, bring it. At the moment, this is the “highest and best use” of this piece of real estate.

Congratulations Columbia. 5 Points may experience a private investment project, that is up to speed with this millennium.


  1. Frank, Glad to get your impression of what may be a contentious development. I’d be interested to know what you see as potential downsides to the project aside from the size of the structure relative to the rest of the neighborhood. Also, did I see Columbia’s Realtor, Franklin Jones, on a digital billboard?

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