Super Bowl XLVIII Was Hard To Watch TV

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver BroncosUnless you live in Seattle or for some reason are a Seahawk fan, the Super Bowl was brutal to watch. For the fan with no team to pull for it was three’ish hours of awful television. The last time I can remember a team getting smoked so badly with the world watching is when Alabama allowed LSU to cross the 50 yard line maybe once in the National Championship Game a few years back. Back to tonight, it seemed as though Denver flew to New York to pick a trophy, while Seattle showed up to jump anyone in their way and take whatever they wanted.

Before the game one of my buddies texted me asking, “Manning or the new kids?” For a person that lives thousands of miles from either team it was hard to get behind either of them. My response probably had a different thought than most would respond with; “The new kids are fun but dunno. Even though I’m more of a (Tom) Brady fan, it bothers me on some level that Eli has more ‘rings’ than Peyton.” Here’s where I’m going with this post; After tonight, this doesn’t bother me as much.

In 50 years less than 100 fellas have been able to start as quarterback in a Super Bowl. Peyton will always be part of the “Greatest Of All Time” conversation, while his brother Eli will not. That said, somehow Eli has more Super Bowl rings, which is the greatest benchmark of who is the greatest. Why is this a big deal? It’s not, other than perhaps the greatest of all time has to, for the rest of his life, sit at a Thanksgiving table, in the very same room, with someone that does the same thing as he does, knowing the other person has more rings. I know it’s not fair as I’m typing about a team sport with many variables, but I guess that’s just sports, and the on field drama and infinite circle of debate is why we love it.

Either way, now that Peyton has had three chances at it, I don’t feel as bad for him. Oh yeah, and the fact that he can pay cash for anything, eat Rib-eyes, and five Dove bars anytime he wants, you know, because he’s rich. I mean, there is that. 🙂


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