Charlie B. Is Ahead Of A (Pointed) Curve.

CharlieBrown1Listing and selling houses affords me the opportunity to pick up on some things that I otherwise wouldn’t. A good recent example of this is the very popular “chevron.”

The first time someone pointed “chevron” out to me I thought, “OK, well I guess that’s a fine lookin’ zig-zag.” I’ve now seen it a few times over the last few weeks and I heard the term again as I was showing houses today. The house was new and fancy, and when describing window treatments the buyer mentioned she was “gonna put some chevron in.” I thought, “What in the world? Why is this such a thing?”

While I still don’t know the answer to the question (after asking some folks), I went to The Google. Turns out a “chevron” is a military/police officer thing that indicates rank or length of service. While it didn’t answer the “Why is this such a popular thing?” question, if you think about the patches on a military or law enforcement shoulder, that part makes sense. Now I know what a chevron is.

Of course I’ve wondered, “Why is this stuff called chevron?” After all, “Chevron” is a global oil and gas company. Well, sure ’nuff, Chevron has two inverted chevrons in its logo. While this didn’t technically answer the question, it still made enough sense for me to move along to something else.

None of this matters one bit. Question: Why am I typing about a fabric pattern? Answer: I just needed a lead-in to let everyone know that Charlie Brown has been wearing this now popular “chevron” pattern for decades.

You go, Charlie Brown.


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