Well Done, President G. W. Bush…

GeorgeWBushBamaLetterI haven’t done much research, so I’m not sure this is totally true. That said, if it is (and I think it is), it’s pretty cool of President George W. Bush to have taken the time to do this.

After Alabama’s loss to Auburn, ‘#43’ wrote a handwritten note to the Crimson Tide’s #43, who missed three field goals in route to a loss to their in-state rival at the already famous 2013 Iron Bowl. The loss (but not necessarily the kicks) will cost the team a third consecutive National Championship and the chance at four championships in the last five years.

Given the former president is writing with a ‘Sharpie,’ his penmanship easily gets a pass. In case you can’t make out the words in the note, here’ the text: “Dear Cade (#43), Life has its setbacks. I know! However you will be a stronger human with time. I wish you all the best—Sincerely—another 43 George Bush”

While this doesn’t make anything better for ‘Bama fans, it’s still a super cool gesture.

Good stuff on all levels, IMO. Well done, President George W. Bush.


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