Quick Day Trip To My Mimi’s Basement…

MimiJenn1MimiJenn2MimiJennToday we found ourselves in my hometown of Anderson, South Carolina.  Given our schedules and the fact that our little girl takes three hour naps on the weekends, we don’t get to visit Finley’s Nana Fran or Mimi nearly enough.  That said, since we’re going to the beach next week and Jennifer’s travel schedule is about to be extremely limited, we figured we’d take advantage of this open Sunday.

Fast forwarding to this afternoon, Anderson became victim of a rough storm that ended up a little scary.  Around 4:00PM my phone went nuts stating that we were under an “Extreme Tornado Watch.”  Turns out a tornado had formed and touched down only 6 miles from Mimi’s house on Whitehall Road, 29621.

The pics above are the result of Mimi’s stern request of, “Everyone to the basement!”  Ummm…Okay.  Well, after about five minutes of crammed underground living, my daughter and my brother’s son, Hampton, had seen about enough.   The end result was Mimi and my wife Jennifer just chillin’ in the basement for about 45 minutes.  Why is this a big deal?  Well, it’s not, other than the fact that it’s not often that I see the elegant matriarch of our family, Lillian Brown Glenn, sitting on a concrete basement floor 15 feet below ground level.  Notice the Anderson Independent Mail newspaper nicely placed for folks to sit.  Was it perfectly folded and placed nicely in the living room after the ‘event.’  Absolutely.

It’s not clear whether Jennifer stayed down there out of respect for Mimi’s request, if she was having a nice visit, or if she was protecting our twins to be.  To be frank, I don’t care as either answer is good with me.

In sum a good time was had by all at Mimi’s house in Anderson.  We feasted on fried chicken, lots of fixins, and she had a grand time with her grandchildren and great grand-kids.  After the twins are born hopefully we can spend more time in Anderson, SC. I don’t visit my hometown enough…

Thank you!


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