Sanford To (re)Grace Halls of Congress.

SanfordFor those who follow politics or even watch the news, Wednesday will be dominated with banter about Mark Sanford. As most of you know, the former two term South Carolina governor easily reclaimed his old Congressional seat.

Sanford’s win is fetching more attention than most political victories. After all, most folks don’t care this stuff, and if they do they usually have a fleeting thought, perhaps calling someone “an idiot,” and leave it at that. Not this time. The Sanford win dusts up chatter about “family values,” the “Bible belt,” who all has cheated in the world, “South Carolina: Putting Families First,” forgiveness, “his mistress/fiance’ is hot,” Jerry Springer, how “Republican no matter what” South Carolina is, and on and on.

Here’s the thing. Personally, who knows? Politically, he’s obviously good. Policy…Everyone knows where the fella stands. The guy is a conservative wonk (although he probably won’t sleep in an office cot this go’ round). He’s likely to step in and be the spokesperson/darling of the Tea Party (or what was the Tea Party) and gain national fame.

What I’m getting at is despite all his baggage I bet 10 Starbucks ‘DoubleShots’ Sanford will make a big push for the presidency. I’m wrong all the time but given his personality and the fact that he doesn’t have much to lose, he won’t be able to help himself. Who knows if this will happen, but I had a hunch so I thought I’d put it out there.

To bring a little soap opera in, I wonder who is most displeased…Elizabeth Colbert Busch, Jenny Sanford, Dick Harpootlian, or the one who started the, “Where’s the Governor?” investigation, Jake Knotts. Hmmm…

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