Weekend With Lil’ Bit Of Everything

Devereaux1TouchATruckCookingShowThis weekend was full of action. Aside from a slew of buyer showings and contract negotiations, we began the weekend with a long overdue closing, and some fun extracurricular activities.

It’s random, but here’s the list;
1) Friday afternoon we finally closed the property on Devereaux Rd. After being on the market for a long stretch, the home fetched two offers on the same day. Go figure! Actually, the offers were emailed to my inbox within two hours of each other which created the coveted ‘multi-offer situation.’ Out of nowhere the white house on Devereaux was the hot listing on the market. Fast forward to Friday…CLOSED!

2) Saturday was the Junior League of Columbia’s popular Touch-A-Truck fundraiser. A few years ago then President Townes Denemark introduced Touch-A-Truck to the community. While the first year was shaky, every year since (In my opinion) has been a grand success. The event is now held at the S.C. Farmer’s Market and has become a big deal.

I’m completely impressed at the organizations that participate including local businesses, farms, local and state law enforcement, and even the FBI. Cranes, tractors, dumps, booms, sirens were everywhere. What began in an empty parking lot has become a major fundraiser for The League. Well done, JLC, and everyone that has made this such a big deal for the kids.

3) “The Man Made Gourmet” cooking show Amanda signed me/’us’ up for. Thankfully, the folks at WACH FOX did enough editing magic that we weren’t totally embarrassed. I had a feeling we’d be OK, but have to admit on some level was worried.

After church I sped home to check out the damage. While the first segment was fine, I clinched my teeth every minute after. Turns out, however, we made it all the way through without too much embarrassment. Did I ruin a suit? Yes. Was it worth it? Not really, but I’ll be OK.

In all, it was a full and fun weekend!

Thank you!


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