30 Davant Pl. @ King’s Grant: Pending

Polished, Custom Home @ King’s Grant;  DOM 0
Given today’s real estate environment, it’s rare to witness a perfect scenario for everyone involved.  30 Davant Place, in King’s Grant, happens to be such a transaction.

Here’s the stage:  A week and a half ago, the seller of 30 Davant Place summoned me to list their home.   I know the neighborhood, the street, and the house.  I was in their living room within two hours.

Since most Realtors know that I do a lot of business in King’s Grant, a friendly competitor happened to call to see if I knew of anything coming up in the neighborhood.  I responded, “I know of a few “secret houses,” but give me a day or two, and I may have just the thing.”

That Sunday, I happened to hold an Open House at 18 Foot Point (Now Under Contract), where that same Realtor showed up with his clients.    I exposed the house in the pic above, and BOOM, 30 Davant Place was Under Contract.  Good, qualified buyer…Closing in 14 days.   Win/Win/Win.

There are a few story lines here:  1)  While Sunday Open Houses don’t really “work” in our market, I’m a big believer in, “Activity generates activity.”   Working Foot Point that Sunday, propelled the contract on Davant.  Would it have sold anyway?  Who knows?….But not to these folks, and not this fast.  2)   This is a perfect snapshot of why I embrace the quote, “The best real estate network in South Carolina….bar none.”   Our network obviously, “works.”   3)  I know King’s Grant. 

Please pardon the less than impressive photo above.  As it sold before we could have our regular photo “shoot,” I happened to snap a quickie while I was there, which was in between rain showers.  

I would have preferred to have waited for Davant to close before I announced the sale.  However, I’m in a rare situation, whereas for a few days, I’ll have five King’s Grant homes under contract.   Tomorrow the count will change, as 24 W. Tombee is scheduled to close in the morning.

If you or your friends want to be on the front end of the action in King’s Grant, please don’t hesitate to call or email fjones@cbunited.com or amandaqpayne@live.com .   I’d be happy to keep anyone abreast of the King’s Grant real estate market.

PS:  The last time a scenario worked out this perfectly was December, 2011.  The house was 27 Davant Place – King’s Grant.  Yes, directly across the street!   Knowledge, hustle, and network all matter, big time, and the buyers and sellers of these two homes are happy beneficiaries.

PSS: “DOM” = “Days On Market”

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