Congratulations & Thank You, Elizabeth!

ElizabethIn late May of 2013 Elizabeth Woodring Ross joined our team at Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS-Midtown office.

How’s it going, you may ask?? To put it in simple business terms, here ya go; To my knowledge, Elizabeth has clocked 31 closings and popped almost $6 million in production. Year ONE. That is crushing it…

She may be embarrassed I threw her stats (and this photo) out there, but I’m so freegin’ proud of her I kinda want everyone to know.

For some history, it took a long time to for Elizabeth to join us. Months, actually. In the real estate brokerage business ‘moving your license’ is a hard, heart wrenching, grinding decision. Leaving what you’re accustomed to join a new firm can be a scary thing. As a classic example, and in case you don’t know our story, I think it took five or so years for Amanda and I to finally find the opportunity to work together.

After months of deliberation and her engagement/marriage/honeymoon, Elizabeth trusted in what I/we had in store for her (us) and took the leap of faith. Here we are.

We sit four feet from one another every day and pretty much know every detail of every deal we’re working on together. Elizabeth’s decision to join the team was prolific and has turned into a big deal.

Just for kicks let me put this in perspective; I don’t remember if I sold 29 or 39 houses in my first year on the job. I’ll go with 29, and that was during the real estate boom market. What I’m getting at is that Elizabeth has worked leads and her referral sphere like a pro and constructed a career base that she can build on for years to come. I’m flattered that she joined the team and to be a part of what she’s doing.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about buying or selling real estate in Columbia, South Carolina please call Amanda, Elizabeth, or me at 803-758-1669 or email . We would love to work with you.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Elizabeth Woodring Ross!

Your friend and proud teammate,



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