3 President System, Isn’t Working…

Hang On People! The Election is Almost Over.
Bush is still the President, but no one seems to care. It’s all about strategy right now. Terrible timing…

I’m gonna leave my “tectonic shift” speech at the door. I’m not going to type about some of my “complete overhaul” thoughts, about our government. This kind of talk isn’t going to do anything positive right now. It’s election time, and that’s all that matters out there.

All I can say today is, GET THIS ELECTION OVER WITH! Not only the presidential campaign, but every congressional race in the country. Our Representatives have re-election on the mind, and we apparently can’t get over this fact.

Another reason we need it to end, is so the talking heads on cable news (and network news), will stop this blame, blame, blame, blame, blame, blame game. If you know me, you know I love politics, but this stuff on t.v. and the ‘net, makes it hard to watch. News shows/corps, are building flippin‘ cults, for Pete’s sake.

We’re almost there, folks.

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