3 New Goodies & 2 Price Reductions

Houses and Price Reductions Hit Market Thursday
I may have jumped the gun on the latest Hotsheet. Since the latest “Hotsheet Post” three solid listings hit the market and two good ones experienced dramatic price reductions.

I haven’t been in the new listing on Satchelford yet but I’m sure it’s worth a look. The new listing on Brentwood won’t last long because it has a great new kitchen and a sweet master bath and I’m sure the new one on Erskine looks ready to go.

The price reduction on the Gregg Park home makes this a HUGE amount of house for the money. It’s open plan is fancy and features loads of big bedrooms. Now at $479K…it was first listed at $574,900.

The home on Yale Ave. is super clean and fancy in its own right. This may very well be the best buy in 292o5 right now as the price was lowered $75,000.

This is the first time I’ve followed up the Hotsheet with a post like this, but I thought these new listings deserved some looks.

Call or email if you want more info or like to peek!

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