Showing Off Our Girl, Christmas Style

As you can imagine, I pretty much can’t get enough of the pics above.

We were scheduled to meet friend and photographer, Stacey Quattlebaum, for a Christmas photo session sometime in late November. Well, Jennifer wasn’t feeling well the night before and the weather forecast was looking rough, to say the least. Reluctantly, we cancelled.  Boo for us.

True to form Jennifer sprung into action. The pics above are shots in a courtyard at Eastminster Presbyterian Church with a camera she purchased a few weeks earlier (with points!). Not sure why they’re so grainy as a blog post b/c on my email they look great (I’ve tried all different sizes). Either way, I’m keeping them up there until I can figure it out.

The dress is a gift from my late wife’s mother, Mrs. Black.  It’s pretty much perfect for our girl.

As I type through photography details, I’ll get right to the point; My girl is three years old this Christmas and is the happiest, most wonderful thing I could ever imagine. I’m the giddiest dad I know how to be, and if I never receive another Christmas present it will be OK.

In short, I’m a proud dad showing off photos of his little girl.

PS:  Now some of you know why our Christmas cards were about two weeks later than usual.

Thank you!


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