Action @ ‘Devine St. Corridor’ – 29205

Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked more than a few times, “What are they going to do with the Rice Music House building (on Devine Street)?” I’m not sure if a news outlet has done a story on the subject, but since I’ve been asked so many times I picked up the phone the other day and called the commercial broker who had the sale. Answer: It’s going to be demolished and serve as a parking lot for Earth Fare – “The Healthy Supermarket.”

Almost every time the subject comes up, the #1 response is, “Earth Fare is across the street, though? (Chatham).” Yes, it is. The second most common response is, “They just gonna walk across that dry cleaners to get to Earth Fare?” Probably not. Turns out, the lot is an “L” shape that spills right into Chatham and into Earth Fare. See Pic #2 above.

On the front end it seems like an odd move. After the geography and lot lines are considered, however, it seems like a pretty good fit. Earth Fare’s employees will now park in the new lot which would obviously free up more parking for customers.

There ya go!

Since local giant Edens announced that uber popular Whole Foods was coming to Columbia, I’ve wondered (along with tons of friends) how The Fresh Market (Trenholm Plaza) and Earth Fare would react. After all, Earth Fare is only a few gas pedal punches from the new Whole Foods. Given the purchase of Rice Music House it looks as though Earth Fare isn’t too worried, and actually ‘doubling down.’ Interesting!

Also: In case you missed it, the lot that houses the empty Bank of America branch where Devine Street and Millwood Avenue fork (at Dreher High School), will soon be home to a new Dunkin’ Donuts.


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