2824 Wilmot in Shandon. #Winner

The house in the pic above has Realtors and a lot of Shandon residents perplexed, to say the least. 2824 Wilmot has been sold three times in the last few years, which isn’t that unusual in itself. The neighborhood head scratcher is, as of today, it’s now sold/closed twice in the last four months. We’ve had a Coldwell Banker sign in this yard for many of the last 12 months, with most of those enjoying the red “UNDER CONRACT” sign rider. Clearly, the sign is the culprit of the confusion, and I can see why.

In case you live in Shandon and are curious, here’s the rub. A few years ago, Amanda sold this home to one of her buyer clients. Summer’ish 2011, we listed the house, and my buyer client traded his house on Kathwood Dr. for this property. Fast forwarding to January 2012, a new sign went up, as the new homeowner decided to move to New York, NY. That explained, we put the house back on the market, and procured a contract a few weeks later, and it closed today. There you go! It’s a pretty simple explanation, but I can see why my fellow Shandon’istas are perplexed given all of the signage activity.

You may ask, “How can this house turnover so frequently?” The easy/short answer is the attractive curb appeal, combined with a stellar “block” of Shandon makes for a popular target. In short, it’s a solid product in a great location.

Congrats and kudos to the new owner, and the sellers. 2824 Wilmot Ave. is a win/win/win a few times over, and it’s sales record is a solid testament.


  1. It's a winner for you and the other real estate agents involved for sure. I hope that it sold high and helps the comps for my house in Shandon so that I can refi.

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