Moving Downtown Columbia Inventory

In the last few weeks we’ve had all sorts of good and fun things going on. A few that come to mind are the Ashworth video, celebrating our 150th closing of the year, and our “Pay It Forward” sponsorship contract with The Junior League of Columbia. Further, last week Amanda and I had the opportunity to underwrite a local Sandy Relief “Truck Project.” Somewhere in all of this, we even managed to get a ton of cool “F|A” Tervis tumblers delivered. All this extracurricular activity mentioned, some may wonder what’s going on with our actual practice of real estate. Here ya go!

The pics above are a few of our downtown listings currently Under Contract. If you care to check the links, here’s the list; Montclair, MacGregor, Mills, Oakman, Shandon.

Friends often ask, “What’s going on with the market?” The list above is a pretty accurate snapshot. If you know the street names in the list above, or recognize the houses in the photos, you may notice the variety of neighborhoods, school districts, and price ranges. In fact, the five photos above represent four downtown Columbia zip codes and range in price from $155,000ish – $570,000. Other than the fact that we’ve been busy, what I’m trying to convey is if it’s “move-in ready” and well-priced, it’s got a good shot of procuring a contract at any price level (within reason).

Don’t get me wrong, it may take some time, but given the lack of “move-in ready” inventory in downtown Columbia, SC, combined with crazy-low mortgage interest rates, homes that fit this criteria are doing pretty well.

If you or anyone you know would like to talk about the pros and cons of putting a property on the market, don’t hesitate to call or email or We’d love to have a visit and discuss the options regarding your home.

Side Note:  In case you’re wondering why I didn’t link the list of houses to or, it’s because they’re Under Contract, and therefore shouldn’t be on any of the syndicated sites right now.

Thank you!


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