Inventory Means Action. We Got That.

Last month the Coldwell Banker United brass announced another fun listing contest. Once again, the rules are this: we are to attach a business card with each listing turned in, which is then placed in a fish bowl. At the end of the two-month period, a card will be pulled from the bowl. The winner will receive an iPad. Nice!

As you can see from the pic above, sporting the “30” puts us in a good position to win the prize. Time will tell! To clear things up, the contest is company-wide which includes 100’s of Realtors, within three regions (Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston), having one winner for each region. The pic above is of one office (Midtown) in one region.

While I’m not a huge fan of this kind of thing, it’s a good opportunity to illustrate what’s really going on. What I’m getting at, is that many folks think we concentrate on the higher-priced properties ($500K and above) in downtown Columbia. Not true.

From a branding perspective, I can understand how one can assume that we concentrate on “the big stuff.” Is it kinda cool to blog about a landmark home in a historical neighborhood? Sure!… but its not nearly as fun as putting a red “SOLD” sign on a listing, no matter the price. After all, the goal is to make buyers and sellers happy, at all price points. Truth is, our inventory represents every price level of the Columbia, SC, real estate market. That said, on a day-to-day basis we concentrate the same amount of time/effort on all of our clients.

Example 1, 2, & 3: this Sunday, I’m hosting an Open House at 2711 Mills Drive from 2 – 4PM. Early next week we’ll be hosting 30 – 40 Realtors for an Agent Open House Luncheon at York Drive and Concord Drive. All three of these are offered between $150,000 – $184,900. There ya go…

Getting back to the picture above, I’m proud of our production. If you know me, you know all too well that I’m chomping to wake up in a few hours to add to it.

You may find this mildly interesting, but the last time CBUR held a two-month listing contest we posted 49 listings, while our closest friendly competitor threw down 15, respectively. Did we win the iPad? Nope!

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