2020 SuperBowl “Sights”.

So a few of us got together at a friend’s house for a Super Bowl diddy and I decided to take a pic. With this crowd, the halftime show was by far the most popular segment of Sunday’s experience.

The middle image above is just after J-Lo did something weird, good, bad, or awkward with her crotch’ular’ness area.

I know there were odds for and against a wardrobe malfunction, but in 2020, I’m not sure there’s a line between wardrobe, malfunction, and function.

That all said take look at the faces in the top picture and then the individual reactions and expressions in the second one. It’s funny and interesting to interpret. I still haven’t seen the raunch or art that Lopez provided the earth, but this was a fun venue to not see it.

In other news… Early at our little get-together, there were five sets of twins with my Finley being the only singleton. How ’bout that for an arbitrary twindom???

Back to J-Lo. Click the middle pic to blow it up. It’s pretty funny and telling.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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