2012 Shapin’ Up To Be An Intense Year!

Thankfully, Amanda and I seem to be carrying over the crazy hustle of 2011, into what’s shaping up to be an intense 2012. Earlier tonight, we put the home on 6001 Indian Mound (behind “VA”) under contract.” With that, we’ll have 18 “sides” tagged as pending sales, at a myriad of price levels.

Hopefully we’ll keep this pace up until something pops (closes). Buyers and Sellers are anxious to start new chapters in their lives, and we sure try our best to help get them there. The brakes should tap soon on the number, however, as 2501 Craig Rd. in Forest Acres/Druid Hills is scheduled to close on Monday.

To be clear, all our listings don’t presently enjoy contracts and have a nice red bow on top. Far from it, actually. All I’m saying is, we hustle and grind every day to procure offers the best we know how and our sales number reflects it.

As I walk by Coldwell Banker Midtown’s “sales board” many times a day, as it’s just outside our office, I’m privy to what fellow office mates are doing. Given we work at the most productive office in the Midlands, “the board” is a pretty good snapshot of what’s going on in our marketplace. What I’m getting at is, there seems to be a good bit going on out there, which is awesome! #ActivityGeneratesActivity

To cap this post off, tonight around 11:00 I found a counter-offer in my inbox. I haven’t put the magnifying glass to it yet, but the first glance is showing we’re $2,500 apart on price, and $2,500 apart on closing cost assistance from the Seller. Looking at the full picture from a birds eye view, I bet Gold Nugget Point will be #19 by 2ish.

The trick now is to balance the work of “contract to close,” while keeping the sales pressure to a maximum. This is where the intensity part begins to boil.

Our Buyers and Sellers do a great job of helping us get to the finish lines, and Amanda and Amy make all this work.

If you can’t tell, I love the team thing….

Thank you for your business and referrals!

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