$200/Round Caledonia Was Slammed

On Friday, six of us we made our way to the coast for a quick beach weekend. As usual, we had a great time relaxing and hanging out in a way that only the Litchfield/Pawley’s area can produce.

For a fleeting moment the guys thought about catching a round of golf. Almost every time we’re in the area we have our regular rotation of courses, with Caledonia Golf & Fish Club as a favorite.

When we inquired about a tee time we learned that Caledonia was proudly charging $200 a round. Yikes! I have to admit I was pretty surprised that even this top course had such a big price tag these days. In case you’re wondering…it was booked solid.

Good for Caledonia for being so popular. It just goes to show that when a superior product is produced, there is a market. Given its lush landscaping and awesome atmosphere, Caledonia is often called South Carolina’s “Augusta.”

As you can imagine we decided to let the snow birds enjoy this awesome track on Saturday. Even though we love playing a good round of golf, we’re (at least I’m not) quite good enough to pay this kind of coin for a round…especially when I know we’ll be back another day. Nevertheless, I know the players on the course enjoyed it as much as we always do.

In the end, we did have a little fun at Caledonia. Sunday afternoon, five of us watched the golfers finish #18 from the veranda (pictured above) while we enjoyed a delicious fish sandwich. 🙂

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