1820 W. Buchanan is Leaving The Market…

This is an artist’s rendering (paint job via photoshop) of the home…

After having enjoyed the label “Pending Contract” three times, the Franklin Jones sign is coming down and this house is leaving the market.

Over two years ago, this house received an appraisal of $290,000. It is now on the market for $249,900. It is the one listing that I have not been able to “shake.” I even sold the house that shares the backyard, back border for a record price in seven days about two months ago. I think it closed at over $170./ft.

I think that this house is a deal for someone out there. It has a swank new kitchen, great hardwoods and a lot that is almost a football field deep. Even if someone “held” it for a while with renters, it should pop for a profit in the not too distant future.

A home in the Heathwood area, with a Sachelford school zone under $250,000, is a rare product. This house should have “popped”….


  1. I like the rendering. I sure wish that one would have sold. Franklin is right….awesome kitchen.

  2. I think it’s the paint colors. Just awful. It has the feel of a rental as you walk through it. And yes, I know how easy it is to paint out a house. Investors can’t come out renting it and homeowners are picky right now. Sorry. Hope it isn’t yours.

  3. anonymous,

    I don’t own W. Buchanan. For my Seller’s sake, sometimes I wish that I did…

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