11th Commandment Out The Window

The race for the Republican nomination for Governor has gone absolutely bonkers in the Palmetto State. I’m certain that Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave as the campaigns have blown the GOP’s 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any other Republican,” out of the water.

First, we had Will Folks claim to have slept with front-runner Nikki Haley. A few days ago, Republican consultant Larry Marchant admitted to also sharing a bed with Representative Haley (R-Lexington). I know the characters mentioned in this paragraph so I’ll obviously keep my thoughts to myself. That said, I have always liked Nikki and would hug her neck if we cross paths at Starbucks.

This afternoon Sen. Jake Knotts (R-Lexington) took the conversation to a new level. On the Internet show ‘Pub Politics,‘ he went off on a rant that mentioned Haley’s mom wearing a ruby on her forehead while labeling Haley and President Obama as “Ragheads.” I watch the show because it’s fun and I like the hosts, Wesley Donehue and Phil Bailey. I’ve actually sponsored the show a few times, as it’s a fun gig.

While watching the show tonight I knew Knotts’ comments were going to be a BIG deal. Sure ’nuff, CNN and other news outlets have contacted Wesley and Phil. After Sen. Knotts made his comment, Wesley was smart to throw out an immediate disclaimer on Facebook. I have to admit, watching Senator Knotts’ rant was a hard thing to watch.

Having said all of this, it’s a shame our state will be covered on a large portion of the national news tomorrow. The Republican side of the aisle has not only broken the coveted 11th commandment but has fallen into the gutter and deserves a spot with Jerry Springer.

Notwithstanding political affiliation, I don’t think Republicans should bring up “Chicago style politics” any longer. South Carolina may be the new Chicago.

Now the candidates and consultants are offering lie detector machines to one another and rumor is that Larry Marchant will be on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Ruh, Roh!!!

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